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From: (Ed Rasimus)
Newsgroups: rec.aviation.military
Subject: Re: Barksdale BUFFs and hot weather
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 20:04:03 GMT

"Zorak" <> wrote:

>I would think they do the same thing as I do in my car- I put on the AC.

That works today in modern aircraft like the F-15 and 16 or B-1, put
it wasn't very long ago that AC wasn't much of an option.

For example, during combat ops in the F-105 you couldn't engage cabin
pressurization (and the associated air conditioning) until after
take-off and out of afterburner since there was an interconnect
between the pressurization and the water injection.

So, you strapped in out in the mid-day sun in a Thailand summer decked
out in flight suit, helmet, g-suit, survival vest, LPUs, parachute,
etc. Then started, went through pre-flight checks, taxied, armed and
closed canopies taking the active. Lots of sweat between climbing the
ladder and climbing out from the airdrome.

Or there was the training missions in the venerable Tweety bird in
August in Arizona. That big old canopy made a wonderful greenhouse. On
landing roll we used to pop the canopy open about two inches to get
some air inside. Even though the ambient temp was 110F the breeze felt
remarkably cool.

Yeah, turn on the AC.....

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