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Newsgroups: sci.military
From: (Bill Gawne)
Subject: Re: re : laser weapons
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 1994 17:21:57 GMT

Graydon Saunders ( mentioned:

>I do seem to recall that the last time this came up, Bill Gwayne posted 
>concerning a holographic diffraction grating visor that turned light of 
>any wavelength into a bunch of spots, each spot being low power enough to 
>be harmless.
>Did anyone save that post?

I didn't.  But, yes, I am aware of such a thing.  The trick is that it only
disperses *coherent* light, so that normal light is relatively unaffected.
The only drawback is that first surface reflections do make the visor act
like sunglasses to some extent.  It's great for daylight usage, but does
make things pretty dim at night.

Oh, it's GAWNE, not GWAYNE.  Pronounced like 'gone'.

-Bill Gawne, MSgt USMCR

The nation continues to invest in a Marine Corps based in large part on
its confidence that Marine forces will prevail, even under the most 
demanding circumstances.                      - Introduction to FMFM 1-2

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