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From: Shilling)
Newsgroups: rec.aviation.military
Subject: Re: Martin Caidin
Date: 24 May 1997 18:42:56 GMT

Not long ago I mention my feeling about the passing of Martin
Caidin.  Apparently quite a few remarked about the accuracy of his
writing and I decided t re-read one of Caidin's book call "The
Ragged Rugged Warriors."

From my own personal knowledge and talking to other AVG men as well
as checking with the Flying Tiger War Diary, except for few
possible typos, I was unable to find any mistakes, at lest in
writing about the early part concerning China and later the Flying
Tiger.  Actually he is one of the few writer whose technical
description of the events and aircraft was 100 percent correct.

Can anyone enlighten me.

Erik Shilling

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