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From: David Lednicer <>
Newsgroups: rec.aviation.military
Subject: Re: Are we gonna see F-117 pilot?
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 13:25:23 +0100

Vladimir Malukh wrote:
> Keith Willshaw wrote:
> > So if the USAF produced a pilot an said this the man
> > you and all the other disbelievers would accept that ?
> I'm personally not disbeliever :) I just don't
> care about this guy - it was his choice to joun
> USAF and was his country choice to send him in
> Serbia. But from logic point of view the situtaion
> with hiding him is strange - I can't figure out
> why USAF generals do not allow US sitizens
> to see the guy and to reassure that he is safe.
> Just strange - why?

	It's because we learned our lesson in Vietnam.  For example, Robbie
Risner was written up in an article in Time magazine, a couple of weeks
later, he was shot down and taken prisoner.  Thanks to the article, the
North Vietnamese knew all about him and used it to their advantage in
interrogating him.  The Israelis have the even a tougher policy - active
and reserve duty pilots are NEVER identified in the public domain.

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