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Newsgroups: sci.military.naval
From: (Scott Norton)
Subject: Re: Nellis Testing Range
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 98 00:45:37 EST

In article <> (MCZAND) writes:
> >In the Navada Deset lies the Nellis Testing Range, Land owned by the
> >goverment, top secert area 51 and area S-4 lie there, does any one here
> >think that Robert Scott Lazar Was hiered by the Naval Intellegence
> >Department?
> >Admiraltj
> Why the navy would be involved at all is beyond me.  As for Lazar, the facts
> point to him either being a government diversion from the truth, or a simple
> liar.  Since, the government could arrange for a much better cover story than a
> janitor claiming to be a physicist, liar fits.  Course you probably dont want
> to hear that, but trust me, the guy knows less about physics than I do and that
>  is saying a lot.  By the way, do I believe in ET life - yes.  Am I prepared to
> accept that alien craft have crashed on this planet - no.  Could they have -
> yes.  What happened at Roswell?  I dont know, although I have begun to suspect
> that it was neither a recon ballon or a ufo, but something other that the
> government still doesnt want to talk about.

Is it just that no one believes the recently-declassified story, or
have they just not heard it?

The "Roswell Incident" was the result of debris being found after
radar cross-section measurements and detectibility tests of surrogate
Soviet reentry vehicles.  The program was called Mizar.  They took
their best estimate of what a Soviet RV would be like, built some, and
lofted them on trains of weather balloons.  (An RV is much heavier
than a radiosonde).  They also lofted calibration targets, which were
made of wooden sticks reenforced with cloth, which held thin metal
structures of known cross-section.

When one of the balloons in the train burst, the whole contraption
would slowly descend, dragging across the countryside, shredding
balloons and calibration targets along the way.

Locals asked what this junk was, and were told "weather balloon."
Some didn't believe this (particularly when they saw the metallic
components). They asked further.  A junior PAO said "Maybe its one
of those UFOs."  Yuck yuck.  But the story stuck.

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