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From: Shilling)
Newsgroups: rec.aviation.military
Subject: Re: rec.aviation.military survey
Date: 28 May 1998 19:16:22 GMT

Re: Rec.aviation.military survey

Erik Shilling born in Richmond Virginia March 28, 1916.
Attended Flight school San Antonio, Texas October 1937 to Oct 1938.
Primary and Basic training at Randolph flying PT-11's and BT-9's.
Advanced at Kelly Field, Texas, Flying P-12, BT-8 and BT-2B.
Langley Field 35th Pur. Sqdn. 8th Pur. Group flew PB-2A's and  P-
Maxwell Field Al. 23 Composite Group 1st Pur Sqdn. (Accelerated
service test)
Langley Field again assigned to Base HQ Squadron, flew A-17's, YP-
37's, Bell Airacuda YFM-1A and B-12 and 12's.  Transferred to 41st
Long range recon flew B-18's B-17's resigned went to China with
AVG. Group Headquarters Engineering Officer, Flew with all three
squadrons but later assigned 3rd Squadron. Flew  P-40B's and Cw-21.

After Flying Tigers were disbanded Flew for CNAC flying C-46 and
C-47 aircraft on the "Hump" until end of war. (350 round trips.)
After War flew for General Chennault, flying C-46, C-47, C-118, C-
119. Flew spy flight over mainland of Red China during Korean war
in C-54's and C-118's. 37 Airdrops into Dien Bien Phu. Tired of
gewtting shot at, Went With Swissair in 1956.
Also flew in Laos and Vietnam 1962 to 1966 s t o l  A/C.

Total Flight time approx 30,000:00 hours.
D F C with Oak Leaf Cluster.
Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster.
Campaign medal with 4 battle stars.
Presidential Unit Citation with Oak Leaf Cluster.
Chinese Cloud Banner.

Incidently CDB's list will put mine to shame. I hope he posts.

Erik Shilling

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