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Subject: Re: Israeli Airforce
From: David Lednicer <>
Date: Jun 12 1996
Newsgroups: rec.aviation.military

> I remember reading a long out of print book entitled "Strike Zion" that
> was probably written by an Israeli AF PR man but it still gave some good
> stuff on the history and conduct of Israeli ops through the sixties
> (including the six day war).

	This book and "Zanek" were written by William Stevenson.  
"Strike Zion" is OK, but more recent books are a lot more accuratge and 
have a lot more details.  "Zanek" is purported to be an inside look at 
the IDF/AF during the War of Attrition.  From my research, I believe the 
book is a total fabrication (work of fiction).

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