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From: (Badwater Bill)
Newsgroups: rec.aviation.homebuilt
Subject: Re: Remember Garfield Willis?
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 14:10:29 GMT

>Man you WERE lucky.  In light of the number of shooting incidents
>recently and the bombings in Atlanta you'd attract a S.W.A.T. team in a
>hurry if you tried that these days.

SWAT hell, that would attract NEST (Nuclear Emergency Search Team).  I
was a member of NEST for nearly 25 years.  We even searched for
chemical bombs.  In fact we found the one in Harrah's in Tahoe by
Xraying an old Xerox copy machine.  The HE (High Explosive) was in the
copy machine container.  Trouble is, many times just by Xraying it
you'll blow it up.  If you take a solar cell and put some Tide soap
around it, you can use it as a trigger if Xrayed since the soap
fluoresces making photons in the visual range of the spectrum.  So,
when you X-ray the damn thing to figure out what's inside, the soap
glows.  That makes a pulse from the photovoltaic cell (solar cell)
that can latch a relay or any other simple transistorized switch and
detonate a primer.  Then,  BOOM!

We blew out the whole side of the building at Harrah's when we were
screwing around with that bomb.  The bastard who built that one had
mercury motion sensor switches in it amoung a lot of other
ANIT-tampering circuits.


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