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From: B. Harris)
Newsgroups: alt.cloning,,
Subject: Re: Clones with souls?
Date: 5 Feb 1998 07:16:01 GMT

In <>
(Jeffrey Pedersen) writes:

>> In <6b75u1$> (tony boyle)
>> writes:
>> >>   Duh, because the brain is the only organ constructed like a
>> >>   computer. It's like asking: why should my tape recorder be the
>> >>   only thing around the house that stores sounds? Why won't my
>> >>   washing machine or dining room furniture do it?
>Interestingly enough, the possibility was put forth by Asimov at one time
>(though I don't think it was ever confirmed through experimentation) that
>ancient ceramic pottery might actually contain sounds that could be
>"played back." This is due to the craft of throwing pottery on a wheel. A
>small stick being lightly held might vibrate if a loud enough sound (he
>suggested barking dogs) were present nearby.
>Not that this "refutation" of the above analogy means ANYTHING, I just
>thought it was of interest.

Not actually Asimov.  The science fiction story was written by Greg
Benford ("Time Shards" 1979).  And the germ of the idea wasn't original
with him, though he did a lot with it (it was suggested by one Richard
Woodbridge in Proceedings of the I.E.E.E. 1969, pp. 1465-6).  I suppose
I had it in mind when making the simile.  But it's not a very good
retort.  The quality of recording of such things sucks.  They did do
some experimentation.  You hear potter's wheel, and that not very well.


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