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From: (Emory F. Bunn)
Newsgroups: sci.physics
Subject: Re: Speed of Universe Expansion
Date: 25 Nov 1995 07:48:41 GMT
Organization: Physics Department, U.C. Berkeley

In article <494som$>,
Bruce Scott TOK  <> wrote:

>Look for a popular treatment of the big bang by James Silk.  I've
>forgotten the title.

Joseph Silk, actually.  The book you're thinking of is probably the
one called "The Big Bang," although he's written a couple of other
popular books, "The Left Hand of Creation" (with John Barrow) and "A
Short History of the Universe."  "The Big Bang" and "Short History"
are both pretty good; I haven't read the other one.

Since Joe's my boss, I probably shouldn't mention the competition,
but if you're looking for a popular cosmology book, you might
want to try "The First Three Minutes" by Stephen Weinberg.

("The Big Bang" must have been quite popular when it first came out --
it's been translated into all sorts of languages.  Joe has a bunch of
translations on his shelf.  There's one -- I think it's in Portuguese
-- entitled "O Big Bang."  I like to tell people that that's the
musical version.)


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