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Newsgroups: comp.risks
X-issue: 6.94
Date: Fri, 27 May 88 17:48:06 EDT
From: mnetor!utzoo!henry@uunet.UU.NET
Subject: Costs of 24-hr human attendants

> Even assuming a day shift at all offices, another 3 shifts are required
> to cover the remainder of the week...

Actually it's worse than that.  4 shifts aren't quite enough for a 168-hour
week, even before you allow for vacations, sick leave, and the inconvenient
fact that humans need to sleep roughly the same 8 hours in every 24 and
can't be rescheduled daily.  The standard rule of thumb for all-hours jobs
like police is that filling one 24-hour 7-day position requires hiring five
full-time people.

Henry Spencer @ U of Toronto Zoology  {ihnp4,decvax,uunet!mnetor}!utzoo!henry

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