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These are articles from the (long-defunct) newsgroup misc.security. Their authors' names are not listed in this index, due to laziness and varying file formats.
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Abloy [10146 bytes]
Car keys [16927 bytes]
Cardkeys [27670 bytes]
Cop detectors [7471 bytes]
Copyproof paper [1783 bytes]
Disk erasing [20340 bytes]
East bloc caving [1954 bytes]
Forgery of signatures [6719 bytes]
Home alarms [10442 bytes]
Hotel deadbolt hacks [2203 bytes]
Luggage scanning [4802 bytes]
Master key systems [65054 bytes]
Medeco [27803 bytes]
Padlocks [9055 bytes]
Payphones [16212 bytes]
Person finding [10928 bytes]
Police radar scam [3386 bytes]
Shredders [1879 bytes]
Simplex [35380 bytes]
Social Security numbers by state [1501 bytes]
Traffic light sensors [5381 bytes]
Vaults and safes [28502 bytes]
Video surveillance [5320 bytes]

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