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From: (Dani Eder)
Subject: Re: Saturn 5 staging film
Date: 31 May 94 19:37:43 GMT

In article <> writes:

>A TV documentary I was watching today showed two much-repeated film 
>sequences from the Apollo missions:
>- A view down from the S-II stage, showing interstage separation.
>- A view forward from the S-II stage, showing S-IVB separation and
>  ignition.
>How were these films obtained?  The quality looks too good for TV, but
>I can't imagine how cine film could have been recovered.

A manager at Boeing I used to work for was involved with this stuff
and told me about it.  There were various cameras mounted on the early
Saturns to get engineering data.  The one he particularly worked on
was the camera looking -into- one of the SI-C tanks to watch the fuel

The cameras were ejected from the rocket and then fished out of the
ocean.  If they were left attached they would probably gotten broken
on impact or sunk with the rest of the stage.  They used movie film.

Dani Eder

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