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From: (Henry Spencer)
Subject: Re: epidiemology (was: Re: HMX gets NASA contract)
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 02:14:09 GMT

In article <8ovi0g$j6s$>,
Jonathan Thornburg <> wrote:
>*Age-adjusted* cancer rates (i.e. cases per 100,000 people of age X,
>as a function of X) in the US have shown 2 basic trends for 50+ years:
>* Rates of cancers _except_ lung cancer are roughly constant
>  (less than 30% change)...

If memory serves, there are two borderline exceptions to this.

The rate of stomach cancer has been falling slowly for as long as good
records have been kept, probably due to better sanitation reducing the
incidence of stomach infection by Helicobacter pylori (which not only is
the major cause of ulcers, but is a big risk factor for stomach cancer).

The rate of breast cancer has been rising slowly, probably because women
are experiencing more menstrual cycles.  Each cycle is a small risk factor
for cancer because of the cyclic changes it causes in the breasts.  (Women
are menstruating more because they are starting it earlier and stopping it
later -- probably mostly due to better nutrition -- and they are spending
less of the intervening time pregnant or breastfeeding.)
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