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From: "Jeff Greason" <>
Subject: Re: About future launchers
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 16:03:59 -0700

YU Michel <> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I'm looking for some nice books dealing with the shuttle, future reusable
> launchers, etc, espacially in aerodynamics.
> Thanks a lot.

That's a book we've all wished for.  Something like "Transatmospheric
Vehicle Design, 4th ed.".  Sadly, there is no such beast -- check back
in ten years, and maybe someone will write one.  In any event, if written
today, I suspect it would grow obsolete fairly quickly.

Instead, you wind up with a shelf of books (or about 10,000 lbs of
books in my case), each of which has some relevance, but none of
which is just what you want.

In aerodynamics specifically, I think highly of:

Anderson, _Fundamentals of Aerodynamics_ and
Rasmussen, _Hypersonic Flow_

There's at least a dozen more aerodynamics references on my shelf
for specialized application, but probably the most frequently opened are:

Hankey, _Re-Entry Aerodynamics_

Bonney et. al., _Principles of Guided Missile Design:
   Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Structures, and Design Practice_
  (Be sure to get the right volume with this subtitle, this was
   a many-volume set)

Martin, _Atmospheric Reentry_
   Long out of print, part of the *excellent* and hard to find
   Prentice-Hall series on space technology

For any specific question you might have on specific shapes or
aerodynamic questions, there are probably one or more
papers in the literature with exactly what you want, but you
have to do some digging and you have to first *know* what
you want.

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