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From: (Henry Spencer)
Subject: Re: Rocket sound levels
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 18:14:26 GMT

In article <tDAs4.974$>,
Jeff Greason <> wrote:
>[2] _Lunar Missions and Exploration_, University of California
>     Engineering series, Wiley, 1964, p. 257-260
>   Hard to find, but a nice few-page summary for siting launch
>   facilities.  Coincidentally, this is the book Henry Spencer was
>   touting here a while back.

Actually, I don't *think* I got around to mentioning it in public -- that
was in mail.  (Nothing confidential about it, just setting the record

I should repair that omission, in fact...  Launcher enthusiasts who can
possibly find this book, should.  It's generally an interesting take on
the technical side of lunar exploration, as seen from early in Apollo;
some of that is rather quaint now.  But the chapter on launchers is a
lengthy and fascinating design tutorial.  It has limitations -- you
know you're in the era of Big Rockets when the graph of thrust-structure
mass vs thrust shows thrust as number of F-1s -- but I know of no modern
equivalent at all, and only one other of a similar vintage.

Bibliographic correction:  it's "Lunar Missions and Explorations" (both
words plural).  The editors are C.T. Leondes and R.W. Vance.
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