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Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2001 00:07:40 -0800
From: Doug Jones <>
Subject: California solar power

Tom Billings wrote:
> Filip De Vos wrote:
> > California did _not try. It did not build more nuclear power stations. (OK
> > it did build a few windmills, and I am not sure wether that solar thermal
> > plant is in California)
> The solar thermal plant *was* built in their desert, IIRC, but
> once the subsidy ran out, it was shut down.  I remember hearing
> of its conversion to some research use recently, but can't remember
> what it was.  Not power related, I think.

There's a solar thermal plant east of Mojave at Kramer Junction still in
routine operation- see for
details.  It puts out 150 MW, less than .5% of the 33 GW peak California
load.  The windmills west of Mojave cannot deliver more than 50% of
their peak power capability for lack of adequate high voltage
transmission lines, and a planned 750 MW plant near Mojave is on hold
because the investors fear having their investment "nationalized" by

"No man's life or property are safe while the legislature is in


Doug Jones

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