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From: Henry Spencer <>
Newsgroups: sci.military.naval,sci.military.aviation,alt.war,
Subject: Re: Deep Space Bombardment Force
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 16:52:16 GMT

In article <4ka2g5$> (Dwayne Allen Day) writes:
>: Well, no wonder you're always so grouchy when you reply
>: to my posts!  You don't drink coffee? Hey, intelligence types
>: better check old DAD out! Only card-carrying commies don't
>: enjoy the great taste of coffee!
>...I don't drink coffee because I don't want it to 
>sap and impurify all of my precious bodily fluids.

Besides, the wonders of modern science have exposed coffee for what it
really is:  a prehistoric attempt to approximate Coca-Cola.  Naturally,
given the limitations of the techniques used, it's not a very good
approximation, and the result is a foul-tasting mess that's barely
drinkable if served scalding hot or mixed heavily with cream and sugar. 

>Besides, all my liberal friends think I'm Genghis Kahn because I actually 
>support Mr. Newt and have a picture of Maggie Thatcher in my office.

Sounds like your friends still have some faith in you, Dwayne.  Now, if
they thought you were Genghis Khan, that would be bad, but Genghis Kahn
is a nice old guy, even if he is a bit grouchy when one of his grandsons
forgets to wear a yarmulke.

:-) :-) :-)
Americans proved to be more bureaucratic           |       Henry Spencer
than I ever thought.  --Valery Ryumin, RKK Energia |

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