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From: (Allen Thomson)
Subject: Re: wireless transmition of power
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 19:07:20 GMT

In article <> writes:


>  Microwave transmission works just fine.  It's not a small system,
>though, so it's not practical for the hobbyist.  But your assertion
>is invalid because this is two different concepts.  SDI laser work
>shows a number of practical ways of operating.  Microwaves are just
>one way.  But people have to decide to build it.  Besides, I know
>a lot of people who would have something to say about this, but
>would end up in federal prison.  Point made?

Slight topic shift here, but, AFAIK, no US citizen has ever been
prosecuted, let alone successfuly prosecuted, in criminal court
for revealing classified information outside the classic espionage
context: revealing it specifically to foreign entities, usually but
not always in exchange for money.  What has happened, of course, is
that administrative punishements (what our former Soviet playmates,
who were also fond of the technique, called "administrativnyye
meropriyatiya") such as loss of clearances, loss of employment
and blacklisting have been applied or threatened. Which, in most
cases, is deterrent enough.

So, despite what your security officer tells you, there's essentially
zero chance that leaking to The Washington Times will land you
in jail.  OTOH, you'd better have a second career lined up if they
catch you.

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