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Date: 10 Nov 82 3:57:46-PST (Wed)
To: space at Mit-Mc
From: harpo!eagle!karn at Ucb-C70
Subject: Re: watching military launches

The military has always been secretive about their launches.  They often
don't even tell people with a good reason to know.

Remember the case of the poor guy working alone in the Columbia's cockpit
late one night several days before a launch?  He felt the shuttle rumble
and heard a roar.  Thinking that the boosters had somehow ignited, the
poor guy dived for the escape hatch.  It turned out that the Air Force had
decided to launch a Titan III that evening from a nearby pad without
telling anybody.

I do know of one case where several non-military types I know found out
ahead of time about a Vandenburg launch.  They were preparing for a
scientific Delta launch when word came around to "stay away from pad
such-and-such during the following hours today".  Of course, they
immediately headed for the beach about a mile from the Titan launch pad,
and were subsequently treated to the experience of a Titan III flying
directly overhead.  It was said to rival any 4th of July display.  The MPs
stopped by to confiscate film, but didn't chase anybody away.

Phil Karn

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