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From: (JamesOberg)
Subject: Re: Guidelines For Media Coverage Of Zarya Launch From Baikonur
Date: 26 Aug 1998 12:49:55 GMT

You pays your money and then you get cheated. That's the story of the Russian

Since it's an hour by bus from the Gagarin area to the Proton integration
building, and at least 20 minutes back to the observation point (depending on
which point), that leaves 10 minutes to tour four facilities as promised below.

Obviously, it's impossible, and anybody who knows Baykonur knows it's a hoax.
But NASA's approach to the Russians -- pay 'em the money, even though we know
they won't keep their promises -- is unchanged. Pretend. Pretend. Pretend.

Launch minus 3 hours:  Arrive at the airport near
Baikonur (Yuobileynyi).  A press release will be
distributed on the plane.

Launch minus 2 hours:  Arrive Baikonur launch site.
Tour of the Baikonur launch site (launch pad #1), Gagarin
launch pad (launch pad #2), Zarya integration hangar
(launch pad #254), and Proton-booster integration hangar
(launch pad #95).

Launch minus 30 minutes:  Arrive at the launch viewing
site.  Pre-launch commentary will be provided at the
viewing site.

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