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From: Henry Spencer <>
Subject: Re: material density
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997 18:21:40 GMT

In article <> John Parker Woods <> writes:
>Please tell me the density of ...
>	liquid hydrogen
>	liquid nitrogen

You do realize, I trust, that these densities are functions of both 
temperature and pressure?  You need to be rather more specific about
conditions, especially for liquid hydrogen (which is quite compressible).

>or where can I find this and other material information

Sutton's "Rocket Propulsion Elements" is a good starting point for things
like this.  Ditto the "Handbook of Chemistry and Physics", a standard
scientific reference book.  For digging further, properties of the
cryogenic fluids in particular have been examined quite extensively by the
refrigeration people; for example, ASHRAE (American Society of Heating,
Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) publishes "Thermophysical
Properties of Refrigerants" which includes data on a lot of things you'd
never think of as practical refrigerants.
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