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From: "Paul F. Dietz" <>
Subject: Re: Off-Earth nuclear systems
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 06:15:05 -0600

Henry Spencer wrote:

> It would be a very good way of finding at least the nuclear subs... if
> there were any even semi-practical way of detecting neutrinos!  Huge
> detectors with vast arrays of instrumentation can just barely detect the
> Sun, which is, um, bright.

It should be pointed out that nuclear reactors emit
*anti*neutrinos, not neutrinos, and at higher energy
that most solar neutrinos.  Detection of antineutrinos
from an operating nuclear reactor was accomplished
in the 1950s (admittedly, the detector was right
next to the reactor, and was large, although nowhere
near as large as solar neutrino detectors.)


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