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Subject: Re: Spraying planes with insecticides before landing
From: (Jay Mann)
Date: Jun 17 1996

Kerry Raymond ( wrote:
: >>Are passengers flying into Austrailia still exposed to bug spray before
: >>lands ? 
: >Yep.  Sorry about that.
: When did you last experience spraying coming into Australia? It's been
: at least 5 years since I have.

Here in NZ it depends in part on where the plane has stopped before
landing.  Most planes have been sprayed with a residual insecticide before
passengers get on. We've had idiotic passengers smuggling in
fruit-fly-infested fruit, some of whom escaped into the Auckland region. 
(The flies escaped, as well as most of the idiots.) The cost to NZ of lost
exports even from this limited pest outbreak is far greater than any minor
loss of tourist dollars from chemo-neurotic tourists.   

By the way the chemical used to spray, when used, is something approved 
by the World Health Organisation.  Does anyone actually know of an 
incident in which a passenger suffered asthma attack or similar from it?  
I have been told that it is generally possible to get special permission 
to leave the aircraft prior to spraying, if you talk nicely to the 
airline staff during the flight.  Expect to have a thorough inspection at 
the Ag Inspection station, though.

Jay D Mann  <>
Christchurch, New Zealand

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