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From: Jay Mann <>
Subject: Re: Poppy seeds = Drug use?
Date: 15 Mar 1998 20:22:44 GMT
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Phoebus <> wrote:
: In article <>,
: (JKFabian) wrote:
:> Can eating food with popppy seeds (bagels, muffins, etc.) really cause someone
:> to fail a routine corporate drug test?

: The active substance is extracted from the flower pod not the seeds.
: So one should be safe when eating the seeds. I never felt anything from
: eating poppyseed (we call it "moon seed")

We analysed poppy seeds for opium alkaloids.  There were none detectable by
paper chromatography but they were detectable by glc.  I suspect that the
seeds don't have any alkaloids but there may be a slight surface
contamination with dried latex from the pods.

Incidentally, the seeds, which had been purchased from a restaurant supply
shop, germinated quite easily and produced genuine opium poppy plants. Down
here, poppy seeds are a by-product of the entirely legal and well regulated
drug extraction industry of Tasmania.  I had expected that the seeds would
have been heat-treated, but perhaps one lot got through.

Jay D Mann  <>
Christchurch, New Zealand

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