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From: (Macy Hallock)
Newsgroups: alt.dcom.telecom,
Subject: Re: News story you MUST read (FCC ruling affects ISP calls)
Date: 3 Mar 1999 10:24:06 -0500

As quoted from Jeffrey Rhodes <>:

> KB wrote:

> ...Kevin makes excellent points as
> to why the "free ride" needs to be resolved. Most ISPs are offering 100-200
> hours per month of "unlimited usage for a fixed price", with usage sensitive
> kicking in for those who wish to be "truly unlimited" for even more hours
> per month.
> On the other hand, technology is providing "bypass" capability, where an
> xDSL dedicated connection to an ISP can be siphoned (split) off of a normal
> POTS line. SS7 Dialed Number Triggers can also be used to divert a call to
> an ISP at the line card of a telephony switch, for immediate bypass of the
> telephony network to a packet network.

The problem with this technology is that the telephone companies do not
intend to cooperate in upgrading the technology. They prefer to use the
technical and regulatory environment to further their own agenda, which
is to migrate all internet services to themselves. They still strongly
believe themselves to be a "natural monopoly" and are doing everything in
their power to further their monopoly status.

We're seeing this with DSL now. There's very strong evidence that US West
is favoring their own internet group with advance information and
preferential treatment in line allocation. They may also be abusing their
customer information database in solicting the customers of other ISP's.

Here in Ameritech territory, all info on pending DSL is being withheld from
independant ISP's, but an inquiry to yields the info that a
DSL rollout in this area will occur this year.  GTE has done the same thing.

As for other switching arrangements, Ameritech implemented a prelimary SS7
bypass system here, made the feature available but I cannot get any written
information on the program, even after repeated attempts to do so from
AIIS, the Ameritech division that I am required to deal with as an ISP.

Yet they are clearing using this technology for their own ISP operations,
but my clients have to use the all-to-often inferior trunking in the
local interoffice tandem for access. (This situation has driven most of
the ISP's in the area to use CLEC's, which Ameritech has then used to
make a case to the regulatory authorities that ISP calls should be
exempted from recip compensation and should be subjedt to per minute
access fees. In essence, they not only favor their own ISP but then use
the resulting situation to further their agenda that other ISP's should
be changed additional fees which would be paid to them.)

Any appeal to regulatory authorities is a waste of time: they refer
the situation to the phone company involved, who then swear that no such
thing is happening and the case is then closed.

Even the CLEC's I deal with, who have tried to be innovative and deal with
the telco's on access to DSL and other services have been hindered in those
attempts, with blatant favortism toward the telco's internet operation
in evidence.

The only solution to this situation is the complete arm's-length separation
of the internet divisions of the telco's and careful regulatory oversight
of the all-too-often withheld or overpriced services from the telco's.

Or the telco's should be removed from the ISP business entirely.

Otherwise, we're back to only two providers for access for the home and
small user: the telco and the cable co.  Everyone else will be required to
pay additional fees which ultimately the consumer will pay for.

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