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The Local Loop; Modems

The 20hz ringing current (Floyd Davidson) [4487 bytes]
60hz hum (Floyd Davidson) [3550 bytes]
Dealing with ambient noise (John Higdon) [1641 bytes]
Line balance (Floyd Davidson; John Higdon) [13287 bytes]
Baud (Ron Dippold) [799 bytes]
Busying out a line (John Higdon) [3317 bytes]
Cable loading (Floyd Davidson) [10480 bytes]
Cable splicing (John Higdon; Larry Lippman) [23696 bytes]
Cable TV system reliability (John De Armond) [4056 bytes]
Category 5 cable (Floyd Davidson) [8366 bytes]
Channel banks (the curse of modems) (Floyd Davidson) [8465 bytes]
Techniques for complaining (Floyd Davidson; John Higdon) [58922 bytes]
Conference bridges (Floyd Davidson; John Higdon) [19237 bytes]
CPC (Al Varney) [9138 bytes]
CSUs (Floyd Davidson) [2563 bytes]
Decibels (Al Varney; Floyd Davidson) [23550 bytes]
The Demarcation point (Floyd Davidson) [3840 bytes]
Spoofing of dialback modems (John B. Nagle) [2958 bytes]
Digital pads (Floyd Davidson) [4262 bytes]
Digital Line Concentrators (Fred Goldstein) [3696 bytes]
Dry pairs (Floyd Davidson) [8878 bytes]
Fast busy (Alan L Varney; Floyd Davidson) [11257 bytes]
Hybrids (Floyd Davidson) [7681 bytes]
Infinity transmitters (John G. De Armond; Brian Kantor; Larry Lippman; W1GSL ("Steve F")) [68617 bytes]
Gel cells (John G. DeArmond) [1405 bytes]
ISDN (Fred Goldstein; John Nagle) [15205 bytes]
The ISDN encoding (Al Varney; Fred R. Goldstein) [21875 bytes]
ISDN modems (Fred Goldstein) [5413 bytes]
Ordering ISDN (Fred R. Goldstein) [5167 bytes]
Line balance (Floyd Davidson) [2702 bytes]
Line current (Floyd Davidson) [11716 bytes]
Line quality (Floyd Davidson) [28337 bytes]
Detection of line stealing (John Nagle) [992 bytes]
Loop current (Floyd Davidson) [24630 bytes]
Modem dialing wait commands (Floyd Davidson) [1781 bytes]
Modems being fried (John R. Levine) [1135 bytes]
Modem signal levels (Floyd Davidson; tabourian@compuserve.com) [41375 bytes]
Modems on satellite lines (Floyd Davidson) [4295 bytes]
Modem SNR (Floyd Davidson) [7550 bytes]
Modular cables (John Higdon) [1132 bytes]
Remote control (Floyd Davidson) [2944 bytes]
REN (John Higdon; Julian Macassey) [10916 bytes]
RF interference (Floyd Davidson; John Higdon) [2812 bytes]
Ring detector circuit (Henry Spencer) [3582 bytes]
Sealing current (Floyd Davidson) [2465 bytes]
The Shannon limit (Fred R. Goldstein) [1670 bytes]
Shielding (Floyd Davidson) [1920 bytes]
Intermittent shorted line (Floyd Davidson) [7521 bytes]
Sidetone (John Higdon) [2283 bytes]
Subscriber carrier (John Higdon) [3616 bytes]
Tariff violation charges (Floyd Davidson) [5098 bytes]
Telephone fishing (John G. DeArmond) [2562 bytes]
Getting test numbers (Floyd Davidson) [4030 bytes]
Twisted pair (Floyd Davidson) [32078 bytes]
UK phone wiring (Julian Macassey) [3051 bytes]

Central Switching; Long Cables

The 1ESS switch (Al Varney) [20336 bytes]
Automatic Message Accounting (Floyd Davidson) [2543 bytes]
Answer supervision (Fred R. Goldstein; John Higdon) [3782 bytes]
Antistatic precautions (Floyd Davidson) [3871 bytes]
B8ZS (David G. Lewis; Al Varney; Floyd Davidson; Ken Becker) [31380 bytes]
Cable rustling (Larry Lippman; Michael H. Warfield) [6440 bytes]
Call forwarding loops (Brian Kantor; Al Varney) [8390 bytes]
Call waiting and 3-way calling (Al Varney) [6982 bytes]
Choke networks (John Higdon) [6809 bytes]
Clock slips (Floyd Davidson; Fred R. Goldstein; Ken Becker) [26372 bytes]
Central Office batteries (Floyd Davidson; John Higdon) [3600 bytes]
Central Office fires (Larry Lippman) [11787 bytes]
Congestion control (Alan L Varney) [13478 bytes]
Central Office cutover (Alan L Varney) [15006 bytes]
Distributed switching (Fred Goldstein; Floyd Davidson) [13362 bytes]
DMS maintenance (Floyd Davidson) [7789 bytes]
E+M signaling (Floyd Davidson) [4905 bytes]
Emergency switch-in-a-truck (Al Varney; Pat Turner) [4988 bytes]
Advantages of fiber optics (Fred R. Goldstein) [2759 bytes]
The grace period before billing starts (Floyd Davidson) [3502 bytes]
Internet phones (Fred R. Goldstein; John Higdon) [19048 bytes]
Long Distance carrier test numbers (John R Levine) [527 bytes]
Line Load Control (Larry Lippman) [5954 bytes]
The "no test" trunk (John R. Covert) [3878 bytes]
Oceanic cable (Floyd Davidson; John Nagle; John R. Covert) [8119 bytes]
Old central offices and dialing speed (Steve Bellovin) [2150 bytes]
Panel-type central office switches (John Higdon) [4552 bytes]
Permafrost (Floyd Davidson) [1922 bytes]
Phone privacy (Floyd Davidson) [4138 bytes]
Pressurized cables (Larry Lippman) [2892 bytes]
Ring generator machines (John Higdon) [3283 bytes]
Robbed bit signaling (Floyd Davidson) [4276 bytes]
Routing errors (Alan L Varney) [5356 bytes]
Same number error (Barry Ornitz; Patton M. Turner) [12780 bytes]
Switch resources (Floyd Davidson) [15269 bytes]
Switch type detection (Al Varney; Fred R. Goldstein) [2909 bytes]
T1 (Floyd Davidson) [4817 bytes]
T1 signaling (Floyd Davidson) [15956 bytes]
T1 synchronization (Floyd Davidson) [5597 bytes]


902mhz (Barry Ornitz) [3379 bytes]
Airplanes and cellular phones (George Goble) [12943 bytes]
Alaskan radar (Floyd Davidson) [1805 bytes]
CDMA (Phil Karn; Ron Dippold) [27784 bytes]
Cell phone antennas (Brian Kantor) [4179 bytes]
Cell phone GPS (John De Armond) [4249 bytes]
Cellphone fingerprinting (Erik Ramberg; John Higdon) [6795 bytes]
Arthur C. Clarke and geosynchronous orbit (Ron Dippold) [1180 bytes]
Digital packet networks (Phil Karn) [9272 bytes]
FM interference (John Higdon) [1807 bytes]
Highway emergency phones (Brian Kantor) [2075 bytes]
Microwave spectrum use (Fred R. Goldstein) [2461 bytes]
NTSC (Jim Rees; John Higdon) [9071 bytes]
Passive repeaters (Barry Ornitz; John DeArmond) [5970 bytes]
Radio phone power figures (Fred R. Goldstein) [985 bytes]
Satellite reception (Floyd Davidson) [5503 bytes]
Tropo scatter (Floyd Davidson) [6633 bytes]
UHF propagation (Klein Gilhousen) [2177 bytes]

Politics, History, Social Engineering

The suppressed article from 73 magazine (Fred R. Goldstein; John G. DeArmond) [5388 bytes]
ADSL politics (Macy Hallock) [3865 bytes]
Alarm autodialers (Henry Spencer) [774 bytes]
AOSs (John De Armond; John Higdon; Larry Lippman) [31032 bytes]
ASCAP (John De Armond; John Higdon) [4306 bytes]
AT&T sales, as of 1990 (Dave Levenson; Roy Smith) [15301 bytes]
Autovon (Floyd Davidson) [3006 bytes]
Bell Atlantic (David Lesher; Fred Goldstein) [51818 bytes]
Bill collection (John Higdon) [3180 bytes]
Billing accuracy (John Higdon) [4599 bytes]
Blue boxes (David Lesher; John Higdon) [4861 bytes]
Telemarketing boiler rooms (John De Armond; Julian Macassey) [5755 bytes]
California phone companies (John Higdon; Fred R. Goldstein) [74019 bytes]
Recording your own calls (John G. DeArmond; Floyd Davidson; John Higdon) [7607 bytes]
Carterfone (Fred R. Goldstein; John Higdon) [4318 bytes]
Chicago (Brett Frankenberger) [2811 bytes]
Chicago freeway control (Alan L Varney) [9919 bytes]
COCOTS (Fred R. Goldstein) [4019 bytes]
Competition (John Higdon) [120349 bytes]
Credit card merchant accounts (John Higdon) [1447 bytes]
Digital line costs (Fred R. Goldstein) [4622 bytes]
European phones (Fred R. Goldstein) [1879 bytes]
FBI wiretapping (Floyd Davidson; Fred R. Goldstein) [15459 bytes]
The FCC (John Higdon) [4160 bytes]
Flat rates for local calling (Floyd Davidson; Fred R. Goldstein) [30005 bytes]
German phone story -- 1968 (Robert S. Helfman) [2935 bytes]
The GSM cipher (Ross Anderson) [9335 bytes]
John Higdon (John Higdon) [7314 bytes]
The growth of the Internet (Floyd Davidson) [5440 bytes]
The inward operator (John R. Covert; Robert E. Seastrom; Bill Chiarchiaro; Gabe M Wiener) [22160 bytes]
ISDN politics (Floyd Davidson; Fred R. Goldstein; Macy Hallock; Henry Spencer) [36067 bytes]
ISDN SPIDs (Fred R. Goldstein) [11062 bytes]
ISDN standards (Fred R. Goldstein) [9584 bytes]
Phones in Japan (John Higdon) [10214 bytes]
Larry Lippman (Barry Ornitz; Marvin Minsky) [15071 bytes]
Determining whether a call is local (Macy Hallock) [2052 bytes]
Local call competition (Fred Goldstein) [29370 bytes]
MCI (John Higdon) [6089 bytes]
Modem tax (various attempts) (Fred R. Goldstein) [8543 bytes]
NSAKEY (Brett Frankenberger; Thor Lancelot Simon) [12493 bytes]
Pacbell PCS hack (John Higdon) [17388 bytes]
Pakistani phones (Julian Macassey) [7352 bytes]
Phone sex (Pat Townson) [8104 bytes]
PICC (Fred R. Goldstein) [5399 bytes]
Pirate radio (John Higdon) [2604 bytes]
Presidents (John Nagle) [982 bytes]
PUC interventions (Fred Goldstein) [2296 bytes]
Radio idiots (John Higdon) [3144 bytes]
Rural lines (Fred R. Goldstein; Larry Lippman) [29657 bytes]
Phone company secrecy (John Higdon) [2669 bytes]
Sprint ANI spoofing (John Higdon) [3158 bytes]
Sprint (Fred R. Goldstein; Ronald D. Havens) [2956 bytes]
Telegraph cables [3516 bytes]
Telemarketers (John Higdon; John DeArmond) [10542 bytes]
Toll alerting (John R Levine) [1888 bytes]
Touchtone charges (John Higdon) [2800 bytes]
US West (Floyd Davidson) [2226 bytes]
Wrong numbers (Andrew Peed; John Higdon; Roy Smith) [17991 bytes]

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