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From: (Floyd Davidson)
Newsgroups: comp.dcom.modems
Subject: Re: How to improve your phone line?
Date: 19 Sep 1999 23:45:23 GMT

Jack <> wrote:
>I agree with Dino7, call USWest and call them every name in the
>book until you get the service YOU deserve....

Well, I'd say that should be good for lots of laughs and
giggles!  To begin with, John Navas is correct, and USWest is in
no way obligated to provide POTS customers with v.90
connections, or for that matter even 28.8K connections.

But it gets even funnier, because within the telephone industry
USWest is known as USWorst, and if you think calling them names
will get you better service, I'd just like to see it.  They are
the most recalcitrant, by the book, don't give a damned folks
you can imagine!  I mean your calling them names is _nothing_
compared to some of the pressure that I've seen BIG telephone
companies try to put on USWorst to get them to do something, and
it didn't work.  Not even close.

You don't have a chance using threats or calling names.


>John Navas <> wrote in message
>> [POSTED TO comp.dcom.modems]
>> "Dino7" <> wrote:
>> >call the phone co. do not accept lame scusess from them.
>> >Tell them u r paying full price for an standard line u should get at
>> >50k connections with a 56k modem.
>> >They give crapy lines so they can sell u the digital lines for lotz of
>> >l.ike
>> >ISDN or ADSL.
>> >Telefone companies are do ing this, we have to stop them.
>> >After an argument with them, they fix my line now I can connect at 47k
>> All the telco is obligated to provide is a minimum voice grade line, which
>> may give modem speeds no better than 14,400 bps.  Anything more is
>> serendipity.  They definitely have no obligation to give you a line good
>> enough 56K-type operation.
>> --
>> Best regards,
>> John
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Floyd L. Davidson                
Ukpeagvik (Barrow, Alaska)

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