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From: (Macy Hallock)
Subject: Re: Prefix (or NXX) code listings? Where?
Date: 15 Nov 1998 23:11:58 -0500

As quoted from (Fred Goldstein):
> But push on the CalPUC first.  You shouldn't have to pay to know
> what's a local call.

Fred is right.

I had to submit a written complaint to the PUCO that I could
not program our office phone system to control toll calls
without this info. In this state the PUCO accepted the telco's
suggestion that callers only needed 11 digit and 7 digit calling,
and that 1 in front of a number  did not mean anything useful.

Ameritech erroneously told me that the only way to get this info
was to buy it from bellcore.  They also told me that the PUCO had
decreed that local calling info was no longer required to be
published in the telco's phone book.

I did have some lengthy phone calls with members of the PUCO's
consumer service group, who seemed to think that I could get
what I needed just by dialing "0" and asking the telco operator
if a number was local or toll.  They seemed to be unaware of
the reasons I needed a complete listing; I think they had
assumed this info was not required by "average" consumers.

I was finally given the phone number of the "Ohio Numbering Plan
Administrator", an Ameritech employee who normally has no contact
with end users. At the direction of the PUCO she will provide me
with lists of local calling numbers if I fax a request for specific
originating numbers. I understand that if any other end users calls
her with a similar request, it is refused. And my requests are
processed rather begrudgingly.

BTW, I mentioned to both the Numbering Plan Administrator and
the PUCO that this was a problem that would be solved quite
effectively by posting the info on a web site. Again, the response
was less than enthusiastic.

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