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From: John De Armond
Subject: Re: Help Needed With NiCads on my Panasonic Cellular
Date: 18 Mar 91 22:18:09 GMT
Organization: Dixie Communications Services

> handset just cutting off.  I figured something like a light bulb and
> some leads to connect to the battery terminals but that seems crude
> and slow.  Any suggestions.  Thanks in advance...

I missed the first part of this thread but since it is apparent by the
title that we're discussing Panasonic portable batteries, a slight
misconception needs to be corrected.

The battery in the the old style Panasonic portable (and I believe in
the new style also) is NOT a NiCad battery.  It is a Gell-cell-type
lead-acid battery, as is the same battery used in the Panasonic
Cam-corders.  Using a Ni-cad-style charge cycle and/or deep
discharging these batteries will RUIN them, as I found out by
experience.  I smoked my first battery in a few weeks; the second has
lasted several years.

The way to make these batteries last is exactly the same technique you
use to preserve ordinary car batteries.  Store them charged, maintain
a trickle charge whenever possible and never deep discharge. There IS
a reason why the Panasonic phone dumps you so fast when the battery is
going down.

John De Armond, WD4OQC       Rapid Deployment System, Inc.
Marietta, Ga                 {emory,uunet}!rsiatl!jgd     

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