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From: fgoldstein@bbn.|nospam.|com (Fred R. Goldstein)
Newsgroups: comp.dcom.isdn
Subject: Re: Extra Charges for DOV
Date: 8 Aug 1997 20:20:55 GMT

In article <5schhe$>,

>since DOV means 'data over voice', it's a voice call.
>2.4 cents/minute is pretty cheap btw.

Not in America it isn't!

Remember, in America residence phone local calls are always free/untimed.
They are counted/untimed in a few cities (10.6c peak hour in NYC is the
highest, I think) but usually simply free, unlimited.  The controversy is
over ISDN, which is a different interface to the same network.  Some telcos
charge more for all calls on ISDN, some more for "data" calls, some the same
as on POTS lines.

Europeans are used to being raped by monopoly telcos who were established
with a few key premises in mind:
1) telco's job is to subsidize letterpost
2) telco's job is to make letterpost look more economical
3) telco's job is to raise extra income for the govt.
4) telco's job is to finance a subsidized caste of telco-workers who will be
faithful hacks for the party in power
5) telephones are a luxury, and actually using one should be treated on the
same basis as hard liquor, tobacco or gasoline.  Certainly not a basic
necessity like baguettes, triple-creme cheese or sausage.

Americans are used to being raped by telcos too, but at least we get free
local calls.

The average telco spends around $20/month on non-traffic-sensitive per-line
expenses, and around $2/month on traffic-sensitive (usage) expenses.  Flat
rate is pretty close to this.  European rates recover local usage at around
1000-5000% of cost, creating a somewhat distorted economic picture.
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