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From: (Floyd Davidson)
Subject: Re: AUTOVON Switches
Date: 4 Dec 1999 02:06:24 GMT

ktop <> wrote:
>"Art Jackson" <> wrote:
>> ktop wrote:
>> > "Floyd Davidson" <> wrote:
>> > > ktop <> wrote:
>> > > >I worked in the CO at Shemya in 92...
>> When I was up at Murphy Dome in 60,61 ...
>heh, heh
>No trees,, Shemya, where the men are men, the women are men, and the little
>scruffies are scared.....

One of the things that may not have been obvious to either of
you, but then again may have been, is alluded to above.  Murphy
Dome in the early 60's certainly would not have shown it, and I
don't know if Shemya did or not because it may have been a
little bit "special", given the location and added (spy plane
base) mission.

But generally speaking, from at least the middle 60's through
the life of these AC&W radar sites as military bases, they
operated as penal colonies for officers who had really screwed
up bad.  With few exceptions (and pity the poor bloke whose
rotation just happened to come up when no screw-up was available
to take a slot, because a year in jail is a year in jail even if
it happens by accident) the officers assigned to these remote
sites (4-6 per site) were there because they were incompetent
and had demonstrated it in some way that really annoyed somebody
with pull.

The poor average Airman or NCO went there because his name got
pulled out of a hat though.  But he was treated to a year in
Hell under the direct supervision of "prison inmates".

That gives added meaning to "the little scruffies are
scared....." :-)


Floyd L. Davidson                
Ukpeagvik (Barrow, Alaska)

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