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From: (Fred Goldstein)
Subject: Re: Influencing PUCs
Reply-To: (Fred Goldstein)
Organization: Digital Equipment Corp., Littleton MA USA
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1992 20:35:04 GMT

In article <>, (Jesse
W. Asher) writes:

> Our local carrier is in the process of tariffing ISDN and I would like
> to know how much influence the public has over this process.  

You CAN talk back!

Each state's PUC is a bit different, of course; their attitude towards
ISDN is their own.  But there are both formal and informal
"intervention" processes in every state.  Generally, when a tariff is
filed, the PUC sets a public hearing date.  Anybody can talk.  They
might even listen!  Maybe more if you bring friends.  A formal
intervention is a bigger deal, of course, best done by specialists;
intervenors get access to the records and filing documentation and get
to rebut it.

The rate for residential ISDN in Massachusetts, thanks to
intervention, is quite reasonable.  Basically, choose your tariff
class and for ISDN, add $13; another $6.60 gets you D-channel packet
access.  I think another $6 activates the second B channel (alternate
voice/data).  Installation is around $75 above POTS.  BTW, this rate
is the result of intervention; they had proposed much higher.  Usage
charges are currently set at "measured rate only" (same as voice
measured) for intra-office data.  Interoffice data isn't tariffed yet
(no SS7) and voice goes at the usual rate.  Of course you can try
sending 56k over "speech" calls and it'll usually work, but not

Now actually getting it installed is a different story... they haven't
yet trained the residence service center droids to take the orders
yet, and only a few COs are ready.  But that's not a tariff issue.

The worst part is when they tariff it as a Centrex feature only.
That's nasty and worth fighting.  Withholding one monopoly product
(ISDN) to benefit a competitive product (Centrex) is of questionable
legality, and at least the Mass. DPU got it right. 

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